Join Rob Lambert and Helen Lisowski as they muse about the power of stationery in helping people get more done.

In a heavily digital world there is still a need for analogue solutions - and stationery provides a welcome break from the screen.

It's not just about the use of stationery - it's about the potential it can give us to be effective in our work and life.

And yes, we just like to talk about stationery.

If you can't walk past a stationery shop without the desire to at least look in - then this is the podcast for you.

Helen lives, works and podcasts in the West of England, in the countryside.
She likes tea, Bullet Journaling and stationery.

Rob lives, works and podcasts in the South of England, although originally from Sheffield.
He likes coffee, fast cars and making videos. He dislikes Bullet Journaling and mechanical pencils.
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