Vinted - Not just for clothes - our stationery hauls

In this episode Helen and Rob chat about buying stationery hauls from Vinted (other platforms and services are available).

We cover:

  1. Our surprise at the variety of stationery on vinted
  2. The bargains to be had
  3. Helen's stationery haul for an upcoming workshop
  4. Rob's stationery haul for no reason other than some bargain Moleskines and a notepad with Yorkshire written on the front
  5. How Rob makes offers and Helen pays full price
  6. What stuff they found on Vinted. 
Note: We have no affiliation with Vinted - we just thought you'd like to hear about the stationery goodness. 
Note: We believe Vinted is available in many countries - but double check and if not, no doubt there is an alternative - let us know!

Rob and Helen

Vinted - Not just for clothes - our stationery hauls
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