Overwhelmed? Lists are your friend

In today’s episode we chat about why we revert to lists when we’re overwhelmed - as well as some stationery stories
Stationery Stories
  1. The man who stuck post-it notes to his tie - Helen recalls the story of a man who used this process to get things done.
  2. Rob's using Helen's post-it notes
  3. Teachers using iPads to stick post-it notes to
  4. Rob has sent the Remarkable2 back - and bought a typewriter
Main Topic - Lists when overwhelmed
  • We chat about lists, what we use them for and why we revert to them when things get overwhelming
  • Not all of our lists are analogue
  • Rob talks about his bucket list as the master list
  • We chat about how digital tools can store endless lists - and that's why analogue can be helpful - there is limited space
  • Helen talks about using a list to write stories
  • Helen talks about workflowy and how she uses it
We mention:
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Overwhelmed? Lists are your friend
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