Bullet Journal versus Time Blocking

In this episode Rob explains why he dislikes Bullet Journaling, whilst Helen extols the virtue of it. Rob then introduces what he does - Time Blocking. And actually, both are solving the same problem.
In this episode Helen and I talk about Bullet Journaling and Time Blocking.

I'm not a fan of Bullet Journaling, but Helen is.

I explain why I'm not a fan, and Helen explains why it works so well for her.

We chat about Calendar / Time Blocking, my chosen productivity management, and why that works for me.

Note: There is a tiny bit of bad language in this episode.

We cover:

* Why Rob couldn't get Bullet Journaling to work
* How Helen uses Bullet Journaling
* Why all productivity systems are simply Containers with Rules
* Why Rob uses Time / Calendar Blocking and how it works - mostly because it forces prioritisation
* And why all approaches actually solve the same problem
* We talk about pondering, reflecting and how Bullet Journaling helps with this
* Why Rob separates out "productivity" and "reflection" into two separate systems
* Zoom fatigue - and saying no by filling in your calendar with your work
* How Rob journals - and what steers that journaling
* SAD lamps and journaling
* How to measure productivity using behaviours - rather than just tasks done

We mention:

* Zen Art Supplies - Our new favourite place for stationery - https://www.zenartsupplies.co/
* Todoist - https://todoist.com/
* Leuchtturm notebooks and how Helen found the pages to bleed - https://www.leuchtturm1917.us/notebooks/
* Paipur notebooks- and how Helen LOVES these, but alas, they don't seem to be trading anymore - https://www.paipur.com/welcome
* Google Calendar

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Rob & Helen
Bullet Journal versus Time Blocking
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