How we track habits - blending analogue and digital - Stationery Freaks Podcast

In this episode we discuss habits and how we define them and track them using both digital and analogue tracking and documenting. We share our own perspectives of how we develop habits.

* Helen has bought all of the stickers in the whole world (possibly)
* Rob is trying to build the habit of not buying anymore notebooks for a while - and instead, using up the mountain of notepads he has
* Rob has regained the love of Yellow Legal Pads
* Helen spends her life trying to make herself better using structures and systems to try and take away the thinking around habits
* Helen is trying to stop eating chocolate
* We reference Atomic Habits by James Clear as an awesome book about habits (affiliate link)
* Rob talks about how routines and habits that he used to work with in business
* Charles Duhigg's book on habits is also pretty special (The Power of Habit) (affiliate link)
* Helen is tracking how she feels using stickers in a notebook
* Rob used to track habits in ToDoist and simply didn't keep it up to date
* Helen is using Moleskine Balance digital app to track her habits. And reminisces about "Sunrise" app by Dan Ariely - since closed down
* Rob used to do quantified self, then went on to use the fridge of accountability
* Rob is changing his environment to force the habit of weightlifting - and will become the strongest man in Winchester within a month
* Rob references The Diary of a CEO podcast with Tim Spector
* Helen has moved to measuring the impact habits is having on her life, rather than the thing itself

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Rob and Helen

How we track habits - blending analogue and digital - Stationery Freaks Podcast
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