Our Stationery Disasters - The Stationery Freaks Podcast

In this episode Rob and Helen share some of their stationery disasters as well as ramble chat about stationery, including, but not limited to,
  • Helen has a new LeVan notebooks
  • Helen Callaghan Writing Challenges - check out this previous podcast featuring Helen Callaghan
  • Stationery Care Packages - Helen sends some beautiful gifts, perfectly wrapped. Rob sends a package with a terrible index card in it. 
  • Rob uses his Bella Beso planners.
  • Helen explains to a new team member that she doesn’t use digital tools. Rob uses analogue note taking methods whilst others smirk. 
  • Helen explains how she ruined a notebook
  • Rob explains how he lost his entire digital Personal Knowledge Management System (we’ve done a cast on this)
  • Helen is now going to come up with creative ways to ruin more notebooks so she can justify starting new ones.

Hope you enjoy.
Rob and Helen
Our Stationery Disasters - The Stationery Freaks Podcast
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