What's been keeping us busy - for 6 months

It's been 6 months since we last released a podcast. Pleasr forgive us! But in this episode we give some vague excuses, share our stationery finds and ramble chat about stationery
In this episode:

  • We explain, with poorly formed excuses, why we've been absent for 6 months
  • We talk about consistency, notebooks, etsy and Helen's addiction to stickers
  • We talk about notebook usage, whiteboards for bi-annual planning, bulletjournaling and A5 mind mapping
  • Rob talks about his countryside productivity retreat
  • Helen talks about colours, pens, mood
  • Helen's cat makes an appearance
  • And Rob talks about the endless nature on digital todo lists like ToDoist (and how it's not always a good thing)
We mention:
Zen Art Supplies
Mark and Fold

What's been keeping us busy - for 6 months
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