Preparing for a conference talk (using stationery)

In this episode Rob and Helen walk through how to create a conference talk, each with different approaches - and explain how stationery is a key part of it.
In this episode we walk through what it takes to create a conference talk and how stationery can be used during this process.

We cover:

  1. Outlining the talk using a combination of digital and analogue tools such as Workflowy and Mindmeister
  2. Mapping out the talk using index cards or sticky notes. 
  3. Visualising the talk in arcs and flows
  4. Rehearsing and preparing using Powerpoint speaker notes, or, as Rob does it, writing it out long hand in an A4 notebook
  5. Using pointers and guides during the talk
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Rob & Helen
Preparing for a conference talk (using stationery)
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